C405.2 (2) Luminaire Level Lighting Controls

Luminaire level lighting controls (LLLC) and lighting controls as specified in Sections C405.2.1, C405.2.4 and C405.2.5. The LLLC luminaire shall be independently capable of:
• Monitoring occupant activity to brighten or dim lighting when occupied or unoccupied, respectively.
• Monitoring ambient light, both electric light and daylight, and brighten or dim artificial light to maintain desired light level.
• For each control strategy, configuration and reconfiguration of performance parameters including; bright and dim setpoints, timeouts, dimming fade rates, sensor sensitivity adjustments, and wireless zoning configurations.

Luminaire Level Lighitng Controls

  • Summary
  • Luminaire Level Lighiting Controls are now defined in the code and are given special considerations when applied.
  • This section of the code establishes rules for using smart fixtures, with embeded sensors and controls, allowing for the relaxing of several code provisions when followed.
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  • nLight
  • Acuity offers options for the majority of fixture types to included embeded controls.
  • nLight enabled, and nLight air fixtures allow for Luminaire Level Lighting Controls to be easily implemented.
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