C405.2.1.3 Occupant Sensor control function in open office areas

Occupant sensor controls in open plan office spaces less than 300 square feet (28 m2) in area shall comply with Section C405.2.1.1. Occupant sensor controls in all other open plan office spaces shall comply with all of the following:
•The controls shall be configured so that general lighting can be controlled separately in control zones with floor areas not greater than 600 square feet (55 m2) within the open plan office space.
• The controls shall automatically turn off general lighting in all control zones within 20 minutes after all occupants have left the open plan office space.
• The controls shall be configured so that general lighting power in each control zone is reduced by not less than 80 percent of the full zone general lighting power in a reasonably uniform illumination pattern within 20 minutes of all occupants leaving that control zone. Control functions that switch control zone lights completely off when the zone is vacant meet this requirement.
• The controls shall be configured such that any daylight responsive control will activate open plan office space general lighting or control zone general lighting only when occupancy for the same area is detected.

Occupant Sensor control functions in open office plans

  • Summary
  • Open office spaces are now required to utilize occupancy sensors, and be split into 600 square foot control zones.
  • Each control zone must dim by at least 80% when it becomes unoccupied.
  • The entire open office must turn off when all zones become unoccupied.
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  • nLight
  • nLight offers a simple method of achieving this level of control, with distributed controllers and sensors.
  • nLight enabled, and nLight air fixtures allow for simple implementation and adjustment of the 600 square foot zones, without costly wiring changes.
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